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A Celebration of a New Era
in the History of Female Sexual Self-Awareness

As it is quickly becoming hip to be a woman with big sexy labia, what better to do than have a website about just that! But more than just an opportune jump on the bandwagon, this site is a celebration of this new era in the history of female sexual self-awareness. It marks the end of the labia shame and the beginning of an age where you as a woman can also be proud to be "endowed."

The main aspect of this site is purely educational. The use of photographs will teach you about the variety of vulva shapes and sizes. It will also help to convince skeptical women and inexperienced men that protruding vulvas with large inner labia are indeed incredibly sexy. In fact, when it comes to raw sex appeal, they easily outdo the smaller ones.

Let's talk some more about labia on the next pages, along with looking at some very sexy examples.

Attention. Did you know that each and every day thousands of young girls are losing their labia and clitoris against their will? They call it Female Genital Mutilation and it is one of the worst human rights violations ever. Let's do something about it... Support the fight against Female Genital Mutilation

Taking care of your labia

As a woman you probably know exactly how your vulva looks like. Every so often you'll get out the hand mirror to see how your kitty is doing. You groom it, shave it and take care of it... page 1

Pussy tanning tricks

When your pussy lips are all oiled up with lotion, lay back and open your legs wide. Squeeze your labia minora together so the inner skin doesn't dry too much... page 3

How to tan your labia

You've likely felt how nice it is to take off your bra at the beach and feel the sunshine on your breasts. Unfortunately, most women never get to feel the sun on their naked pussy... page 2

Sucking a pair of big pussy lips

You may wonder why men and lesbians love large pussy lips so much. Besides the fact that large lips look cool, they are also tons of fun to suck on and to play with... page 4


More oral sex with large labia

To you lucky guys and dykes who have girlfriends with large sexy labia, there is so much you can do with your mouth during oral sex. Take the labia in your mouth and pull them with your lips... page 5

Big pussy lips in panties are sexy!

There is something exquisitely exciting about the view of a plump big-lipped pussy that's tightly contained in sexy sheer panties. It's the way the fabric clings to the labia and... page 7

Labia and clit piercings

Until the late nineties, clit and labia piercings were often associated with BDMS. Now such piercings are accepted as just another popular way of decorating the body... page 6

Labia worshipping

Her inner labia stick out to the front, like an upright clam made from tender flesh. Now place your hands on her inner thighs left and right of her vulvar mound... page 8

More photos of some very sexy labia

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And don't forget to check out the tons of letters sent in by visitors. Some are
wonderfully written, like this magnificent true story titled,
A Woman like You

Shopping Ideas and Other Related Stuff

Gorgeous Mini and Micro Strings... for your sexy pussy!

Your superfine vulva deserves to get dressed up in something equaly dazzling and sensuous. With that in mind, I searched for gorgeous g-strings with creative designs that accentuate the lusciousness of your labia... read on

Clamps, weights and vacuum pumps for labia enlargement

Occasional labia stretching and pumping is a fun way to add some excitement to your pussy play. If you do it regularly and consistently it can also be a method for permanently enlarging one or both labia. Quality equipment is hard to find out there, but here is a list with the good stuff... labia clamps and weights and pussy pumps.

The joy of a shaved pussy

With or without hair, your pussy is something superbly erotic and therefore it shouldn't matter whether you shave or not. Still, I believe it is something every woman should try at least once. It let's you appreciate the shape and feel of your vulva and it intensifies the sexual sensations... read on
Plus learn how to shave your pubic hair  

Pubic Fashion

Hot Pink is a wonderful little book about pubic styling and grooming, perfect for the modern woman who cares about her femininity and who enjoys looking good and feeling great about herself... read on

Beautiful jewelry for your labia

If you ever thought of decorating your labia with non-piercing jewelry made from quality materials then you have to see the products from Arabesque Body Creations and Design. They make some very pretty pussy dangles and clit caressers... read on



Additional Articles

Why Playboy doesn't show girls with large protruding labia... yet!

Article in response to a letter by a female reader. Women sometimes feel pressured to look like the Playboy girls (vulva that's even and uniform with no visible inner labia). "If protruding labia are a turn-on for men, why then does Playboy avoid them in its magazine or even photoshops them," they wonder. Is it because Playboy believes they are unattractive?
Not so! True, they are hardly ever present in their regular magazine, but have you looked at the Playboy Special Editions ?  It all boils down to the rules about the display of discreet genital detail... part 1, part 2

Update: Playboy's Playmate of the Year 2004 is Carmella DeCesare. This stunning brunette with rather protruding labia is a further proof that the magazine likes labia as much as anyone else. Plus: How girls can apply to pose for Playboy and become the next Playmate.

Female Genital Mutilation, a Crime Against Humanity!

The practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is one of the most deplorable human rights violations ever. It happens in plenty of countries where altogether the genitals of 6000 girls per day are physically destroyed under the mum of tradition and culture. We can cringe in horror to this nightmarish scenario, but we can also help out... read on

I hope you enjoyed it! More stuff to come...

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