Hypertrophic Labia!

These elongated hypertrophic labia minora have to be among the biggest lips ever. They are not only long, but really thick as well. The picture was taken when the girl was in a heightened state of arousal, which caused her labia to swell to the maximum. Her ultra-sexy pussy lips look heavy, yet are so engorged that they also point to the front.

These lips are enormous !

While such a spectacular pussy could at first be too intimidating for the average man, it is the ultimate playground of any picky labia connoisseur. In fact, the true pussy fetishist may very well view such enormous lips as the ideal labia size.

Imagine all that slippery soft flesh to fondle with and to suckle on. Going down on her compares to French kissing because each lip is almost the size of a tongue! If you are the kind of person who enjoys the finer delicacies that mother nature has to offer, then a woman with hypertrophied labia will give you a true mouthful of fun!

Blessing or Curse?

Sad but true, many of these gifted women see their overdeveloped winged labia more as a curse than a blessing. Their lips get pinched in tight pants or get squeezed when riding a bicycle. They slip out of their undies at the worst moments or make an "embarrassing" bump in a bikini.

Aside from the pinching issue, the other issues could easily be taken a little lighter. For instance, next time you're squatting down in that miniskirt to unload your cart at the grocery store, and your labia happen to slip out of your panties... just smile! Think about how any guy who would notice it will be instantly turned on and how the image of your tantalizing dangling labia will linger in his memory like the temptation of a forbidden fruit.


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