Pussy tanning tricks

When your pussy lips are all safely oiled up with tanning lotion, lay back and open your legs wide. Try to keep your labia minora closed so the inner skin doesn't dry too much. It's easier if you have very big inner lips because you can simply squeeze them together and lay them to one side of your vulva, keeping the entrance of the vagina covered. Just move your labia from time to time to let both sides tan evenly.

pussy tanning tricks

After a short while, the sensations of the sun's heat make your vulva and your whole inner vagina engorged and erect. If you're in the mood and have good imagination, you can even become orgasmic from all the energy bundling up in your tummy. Simply stick up your chin to feel your neck extend, arch your lower back and use your hands to pull your knees sideways so you feel a stretch on the inside of your thighs. If you concentrate you will pull off a silent orgasm without having touched yourself!

Remember, before going to tan, gently shave all around your vulva and wash your pussy in and out. That way you will feel clean and extra sexy while tanning with your legs open. Apply some SPF lotion fifteen to thirty minutes before going into the sun to avoid sunburn. After your tan session, rub a bit of after-sun lotion on it to cool off the skin.

Your pussy is one of your most precious parts, so pamper it. Don't always keep it squeezed behind tight clothing. Give it some sun once in a while and it will stay healthy and young looking. A bald tanned pussy looks beautiful and makes you proud when looking in the mirror... and it will give your partner an extra incentive to go down on you.


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