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Pumping Your Labia

Pussy pumping, also called female pumping, works by covering the vulva with a cup-shaped cylinder that attaches to a special vacuum pump. The pump sucks the air out of the cup, which makes the labia swell. If you pump on a regular basis you can make your labia permanently larger with time. For best enlargement results alternate your pumping sessions with some labia stretching.

Clit Pumps and Pussy Pumps

Female vacuum pumping is relatively new and there doesn't exist a lot of different equipment for it. I have shopped around for the better products and listed them on this page. They are all available at, except for the last one. (This is yet another fetish store, but it seems like these are the only places that sell the quality stuff.) As with most adult toys, the best products are usually the more expensive ones.

acrylic suction cup for labia pumping

Pussy Pumping Cup (acrylic)

Used by the pros. This is a high-quality vacuum cup made of industrial-grade clear acrylic ("Plexiglas"). The device fits completely over the vulva. Connect a vacuum pump and watch your labia swell and get sucked into the cup.
Measures 3 inches wide, 4 inches long and 2 inches deep. (1 inch = 2.54 cm)
$72.00 at Pump not included.

Deluxe hand pump with pressure gauge

Hand Pump with Pressure Gauge

Metal vacuum pump, with pressure gauge for accuracy and safety. Designed for one hand use. Works with the acrylic Pussy Pumping Cup and Clitoral Cylinder.
$67.50 at For an even better pump click here.

plastic pussy pump (aka The Vagina Sucker)

Plastic Pussy Pump

Cheap alternative to the more sophisticated product above. Includes plastic hand pump. Creates less suction and is not ideal for labia enlargement. Still, a decent device for someone who just wants to explore the pleasures of pussy pumping.
Plastic cup measures 3 inches wide and 4 inches long.
$28.00 at

clitoral enlargement cylinder

Clitoral Enlargement Cylinder (acrylic)

High-quality vacuum cylinder made of industrial-grade clear acrylic ("Plexiglas"). Connect a pump to create a vacuum which will swell the clitoris. Can also be used for nipple enlargement.
Internal diameter is 5/8 of an inch.
$30.00 at

another plastic vagina sucker

Extra Large Pussy Pump

This is another inexpensive plastic pussy pump. Because of its large size most women will have difficulty creating a good seal. Only useful for women with a large genital area. Creates less suction than a .
Plastic cup measures 3½ inches wide, 6¼ inches long and 3 inches deep.
$32.00 at

A few points to keep in mind when pumping your pussy

  1. If you have never used a vacuum device before you should go slowly.
  2. Start by stimulating or massaging your vulva for a few minutes. It improves the blood circulation and gives a better "pump".
  3. Apply plenty of water based or silicone based lube to the inside of the suction cup and to your labia or clitoris. The idea is to get an airtight seal, so a clean shave is also a good idea.
  4. Keep the inner labia together before placing the cup over your vulva to avoid suction to the internal walls of the vagina.
  5. Try a few slow pumps and see if the cup stays on. Let your pussy get used to the suction and release the pressure every few minutes before pumping any heavier.
  6. Don't over-pump: reduce the pressure if you feel pain, and don't leave the cup or cylinder on too long. Ten to twenty minutes is enough. Over-pumping causes a bad hickey and can swell your pussy to extreme proportions! (Although those effects are only temporary.)

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