Look at her pussy with massive labia lips

A close-up of her massive pussy shows that the thick labia provide enough mass to let any labia jewelry hold on to. The metal clip slides over the big clitoral hood and won't come of easily, thanks to the thickness of the lips. Even if she wiggles her hips to make her labia swing, the clip will stay attached.

If you are an exotic dancer with heavy pussy lips, you can take full advantage of this. You can make the sexiest moves on stage and never drop your labia pearls. Drive the clients wild and be the envy of your colleagues. Just shake your massive pussy lips and let the jewelry swing. You're the gutsy type? Attach a thin foot-long chain to your labia and let your best clients gently tug and play with it. They will feel like they're touching you, yet there is no real contact.

shake your massive labia and let the jewelry swing



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