Is there an ideal labia size?

Some women wonder about the ideal size for the labia minora and majora. They worry that their partner isn't happy with the length of their pussy lips, or that their lips might be either too large or too small to be esthetically pleasing.

But, is there such a thing as the ideal labia size? While most men and lesbians may prefer inner labia that stick out past the outer ones, trying to describe the "ideal" dimensions of the vulva would be a wasted effort.

Some vulvas with smaller inner lips can still be very pretty to many men. The view of a vulva with thick and round outer lips and a fleshy and protruding clit is surely exciting. Large inner lips would simply be a great bonus in such case.

Ideal labia size?

Even the vulvas with large inner labia vary in size and shape from woman to woman. Sometimes the inners are longer towards the front than towards the back, or vice versa. Some are round when spread open while others are pointy. With so many men liking so many different pussy styles, it is impossible to decide upon an "ideal" labia size or shape.

Size preferences can also vary for the same person depending on his or her age. Younger and less experienced men tend to care much less about labia size and may have no preference at all. As they grow a little older and get more experience, it seems that quite often they acquire a taste for larger and more sexually developed labia. For most of them large lips mean nothing more than a welcome novelty, although for others their love for large vulvas may evolve into a true labia fetish.


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