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Worshipping Large Labia

To continue our large labia worshipping (see Big lips in tight panties on previous page), slide your thumb and fingers along the edges of her outer labia. Get a sense of its shape. Then slide your fingers towards the center till you feel the bulge of her inner labia and try to squeeze them gently.

Place your thumb on one side and two-three fingers on the other side. Work your way in between her outer and inner labia, making sure her inners stay together. Pull her inner lips by the edges and use your other hand to try fold her panties around them. Once you got it, hold it there and play with them through the fabric. Put your lips around them, nibble and flick it with your tongue. This is fun!

large labia worshipping

Tell her to pull those panties on the side so her big pussy will be naked in front of you. Place the back of your hand in front of her vulva and feel the warmth that radiates from its surface. Bring your face closer to it, just short of touching. Notice how the outer labia release a soft alluring aroma.

her inner labia stick out like an upright clam made from tender flesh

If you made sure her legs are not too wide apart yet then her inner labia should be closed against each other and stick out to the front, like an upright clam made from tender flesh. Now place your hands on her inner thighs left and right of her vulvar mound. Slowly push outwards and watch those lips open.


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