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Playboy and Large Inner Labia

(this is part 2 of an article discussing the display of labia in men's magazines)

The Playboy Special Editions DO Show Labia

For those men who require a little more spice, Playboy started another series of magazines: the Playboy Special Editions. These are picture books that are still about classy nudity but less restricted, with more genital detail. There are no articles and no ads, only pictures of beautiful naked (or half-naked) women. Playboy publishes two of these books each month. Special Editions' flagship Book of Lingerie comes out six times a year along with regular issues such as College Girls and Barefoot Beauties.

When you compare the pictures to the regular edition it's obvious that breast size is much less important. Natural breasts are everywhere and implants are rarer. Plenty of models have medium boobs or even small ones.

Women's vulvas are shown clearer and more often and labia size is not such an issue anymore. Some of the girls have tiny inner labia, others have protruding ones. It doesn't matter. In the words of Playboy, all the models in the magazine are beautiful and incredibly breathtaking women!

To illustrate this I have added two partial scans from Playboy's current Special Edition magazine "Vixens":

protruding labia in Playboy

Alexia Roy in Playboy's Vixens April/May 2005

protruding labia in Playboy

Elisa Prévot in Playboy's Vixens April/May 2005.
Although her inner labia are shown only vaguely, they clearly protrude beyond her outer lips. It shows that Playboy doesn't remove extended labia from photos by "photoshopping" them.

I believe these pictures are proof that the people at Playboy have nothing against larger pussy lips. Their norms for female beauty have nothing to do with it.

The Future of Labia in Playboy

There was a time that exposing a glimpse of pubic hair was quite something already. The first appearance of pubic hair in Playboy occurred sixteen years (!) after the launch of the magazine, in an August 1969 pictorial featuring actress Paula Kelly. Today the magazine shows frontal nudity of women with totally shaven vulvas. I imagine that in a few years from now there will be images that show women's extended inner labia, clearly and vividly.

Remember that in its early days showing a naked breast was considered raunchy. Nowadays Playboy often shows breasts and large erected nipples in glistening detail, with colors and textures so life-like that you can almost feel them.

the breasts and big nipples of Elisa Prévot

Partial scan of image in Playboy's Vixens April/May 2005

Playboy has continuously been a forerunner in the world of nude photography, pushing the boundaries of what is accepted by mainstream America and what is not. It's thanks to Playboy that people are starting to realize that it isn't genital detail itself that makes an image indecent or not, but the way it is portrayed. The key is to always respect the models and to portray them in classy, beautiful photos.

So You Want to Become a Playboy Model

If you have been thinking of becoming a Playboy model, but you thought your protruding labia were a no-no, think again. Don't compare yourself to the self-censored pictures in the regular Playboy. Pick up any Playboy Special Editions and check it out — you'll be surprised at the variety of women in it.

What matters most to them — besides looks — is that you have tons of sex appeal and great attitude. If you've got all that then hire a good photographer, get yourself a quality portfolio and mail it to them...

Hope to see you in the magazine!

Update April 2005:
Playboy selected Carmella DeCesare as the 2004 Playmate. She is a sexy brunette whose inner labia clearly protrude beyond her outer ones. Know that she is a model for the regular edition, not the SE!

If it's an indication of anything, it is that prominent labia seem to be something that's more and more desired in a woman. At the minimum it shows that Playboy and its modern readership enjoy women's labia the way they are, whether that's larger or smaller.

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