Big pussy lips in tight panties look very sexy!

There is something exquisitely exciting about the view of your plump big-lipped pussy that's tightly contained in sexy sheer panties. It's the way the pressuring organ fills up the fabric and forms a shapely bulge, letting us vaguely distinguish the profile of its protruding inner and outer labia and its fleshy clitoris. It shows just enough detail to kick off our lusty thoughts and let us shape a complete picture of your vulva in our imagination.

big pussy lips in tight panties

All right... I know there are plenty of guys reading this as well. So here is a little suggestion on how to put your labia love in action!

While she sits on a chair with her legs open, you sit down between her knees. Get a comfortable position because you're going to be there for a while! Look at the bulge in her panties and just think how much it wants to be freed from its packaging. But not so fast! The bulge of her labia is an arousing spectacle in itself, so enjoy it for what it's worth. Just play with her vulva right through her panties.

But before starting, tell her that she is not allowed to play with her pussy or remove her undies unless you say so. If you're both into a little bondage, you can even tie her hands behind her back. Now, while she still wears her panties, cup your hand around her entire vulva and try to grab it at the base. Push your fingers into the pliable flesh to get as much pussy in your hand as possible. Squeeze it and pull it, but don't spread her lips apart yet. Only use motions that push the lips together. Grab her meaty pussy again, but this time shake it a bit and watch how it jiggles.


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