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Up until the end of May 2006 I always added a reply to the letters. Although I often enjoyed doing that, it severely slowed down the updating process of this message board, which was unfair to the writers. As of June 2006 most letters are posted without any commentary. However, you can add your own reply to them.

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DEC 2004

  1. I was extremely selfconscious of my large labia anonymous
  2. Outstanding Site Bruce Gates
  3. Labia Fetish or Pervert? adeturmeny

JAN 2005

  1. What a beautifull site Neville
  2. having huge labia minora Brittney
  3. i feel so wet and tingly... wet
  4. Profoundly beautiful pussies Mike
  5. I considered labiaplasty but have no more interest! MissT
  6. sexy long lips renzi
  7. Mixed Blessing dreamer
  8. big pussy lips videos? Lip lover

FEB 2005

  1. fantastic website Roger
  2. A welcome antidote to conform and look like the playboy girls V
  3. Big or small I like them all Samson
  4. long labia lips Cyrl
  5. Web Site devoted to Wonderful Labia!! Frank

MAR 2005

  2. Huge Sexy Lips jcraig610
  3. LoVe the Phat Pussy Lipps! ILikeItPHAT
  4. finally comfortable with my large labia Didi
  5. Thank you shy
  6. thanks Megan
  7. I wish... Lexi
  8. Religion and labia... Smart-too-late
  9. Happy with huge lips Kat
  10. Meaty cunt lips Jason Knoll
  11. Beautiful !! Manfred
  12. Lost my confidence Lost my confidence
  13. Lovely Labia Lips is such a Mouthful!! Chrissie

APR 2005

  1. large cliterous arqwat
  2. Your site inspired me to write... chris
  3. My love's lips Sterlingman
  4. all you can eat texas meaty lips
  5. Accepting... Manon
  6. Not so common people! Bowie
  7. Wonderful website labialover
  8. Really Beautiful Site Jako
  9. Can you make a womans labia larger? subboy
  10. scared to be insulted scared
  11. Labia--Vastly Underrated! Gammaray
  12. my long young meaty labia browniegal27
  13. Still working on it... Genevieve
  14. looking for lips flapps
  15. I remember when... College reminiscer
  16. just a thank you girl
  17. Photo Fellow James
  18. Is this site free? Bodacious Babe
  19. Labia Care Worshipper Thomas
  20. Thank you!!! Jesse Woodson
  21. Youve changed my life Ms T
  22. the cause of enlarged labia liz
  23. u hav made my day!!!!!!!! scared
  24. Reality? So Confused
  25. Ego boost APPRECIATED after "Used Goods" insult  Inspired
  27. I'm 25 and finally HAPPY with my Luscious Lips! Large Latina Labia
  28. wow! what a turn on bein able to suck on those big labia lips! jdl45
  29. Culture and large labia Long-time Labia Lover

MAY 2005

  1. hypertrophyed labia Phillis Jean
  2. Large lip lover in NYC Lasher
  3. Enlightened Robin
  4. the beauti FULL LIPS Kenneth McCain
  5. Very special Marion
  6. i never new it was so good chubby puss
  7. I used to be self conscious and disgusted... Biglipsgrrl
  8. loving long lips long lip lover
  9. Learned about large labia zipcode22305
  10. i really enjoyed myself  anna
  11. my contribution Bazz
  12. want more flapps
  13. Long, lucious labia!! Like the beautiful wings of a butterfly! Dean
  14. Wonderful Site Jack Mieoff
  15. I AM A LUCKY ONE. labia lover
  16. Loving my large labia Amber
  17. My country Hind
  18. Large Stretched Labia... Gail
  19. my pink lips Megan
  20. Wanted to have a labia-surgery Bine
  21. Luscious Labia lustful in louisiana
  22. Like my wife jro
  23. I love your site doug
  24. clitoris size LOLO
  25. Letter and picture for the message board Brian
  26. asymmetrical labia minoras walid
  27. Thank you Sally31
  28. my big labia turns me on Fliss
  29. pretty ? - oh yes ! Mike
  30. How much do I love large labia?  Bob from the Bay Area
  31. Thanks : ) Bodacious Babe
  32. Thank You! Mickey
  33. clitoris grandes bellota
  34. Truely fantastic site Love 'em large
  35. sexy labia the cunt man
  36. I was considering surgical modification Alecia

JUN 2005

  1. Cannot believe what I have just read Hornius
  2. More MOre MORE Lip Man
  3. youve nailed it leisuresuit larry
  4. Lusiously Large Clitoris  LabiaLover
  6. Wow Wow By Golly Wow CocoTulips
  7. A 43 year old straight male Robert Ziegler
  8. I don't feel normal Kristen
  9. Do you love large lips? NoName
  10. Genetics vs. Synthetics crazy mike
  11. The Butterfly Effect Clamman
  12. Great site and sight! Pete
  13. black lips Angela
  14. GRATEFULLY NOT ALONE hawkwoman
  15. this website Rob
  16. A guy who like large labia Patrick
  17. Loving longer lips Antoine
  18. big labia minora but smal clit? emily
  19. lovely labia in Lndon ianoff
  20. Ilove girl with big labia and oral it Hernadi
  21. QUIERO the comander
  22. large labia muchua
  23. New found confidence. Anonymous
  24. I was ashamed of my pussy but feel released thanks to you! CJ
  25. Finally feel my juicy lips are sexy! Sue
  26. lovely labia ianoff
  27. more lovely labia ianoff
  28. Open Labia Majors Boobsietwotits
  29. more pictures shannon
  30. i love large pussy lips loren
  31. I LOVE huge,long,hanging,meaty,chewy,thick,hot as heaven- LABIA Jay
  32. minge eating jane
  33. Long nipples, long lips missingjanet
  34. so enjoyed knowing of appreciation for big, suckable labia Openrose

JUL 2005

  1. love it! Bridgette
  2. Thanks for the tingles!  Sonja
  3. Looking for big labia personals site Drew
  4. wow wow wow wow!~35 yeas old man My wife's labia... osvald
  5. Uniqueness Labia Lover
  6. Just A Suggestion..OK,it's a plea! Clamman
  7. The Beautifule Gates to her womb. Mike
  8. So Insecure And Scared Destiny
  9. sweet treat touch of class
  10. Im so glad i found this site! Arianna
  11. Don't worry Andrew
  12. Megane mymi
  13. Erotic Websites for Large Labia Lovers Large Labia Lover
  14. want to meet girl with large labia bournemouth colin
  15. I'm not used to... Now I love big lips Denario
  16. the best site yet! maverlick
  17. Finally!  labia lover in vegas
  18. This is truely amazing... John in Tualatin
  19. Don't Give Me Any Lip Flow Downs
  20. you really touched me Kristen
  21. Eighth wonder of the world James
  22. more pictures nash
  23. Magic lip service friend Jimmy
  24. Big, dark, fleshy labia are just beautiful Philippe
  25. can i send in pics lucky man
  26. The bigger the better Labia lover
  27. For women worried about long lips or loose vaginas John Craig
  28. Erotic Beauty Beyond Words captcdr

AUG 2005

  1. beautiful! greg
  2. finally comfortable sherriegirl
  3. Your Site Is a Esteem Saver sadie
  4. Trying to get some lips! :) Lippygirl
  5. large labia, my favorite andre
  6. cultural nuances mandy
  7. THANK YOU! austinite
  8. The best of the best I'f SEEN. Gustaves
  9. empowerment of women helps men too...I love this website! Rob
  10. showed my wife this site Zeployd
  11. the labialapper andre
  12. do you agree? Francis
  13. any more? Rob
  14. i couldn't help but notice that... cc
  15. Thank you for stopping me from having labia reduction surgery! Deedra
  16. My Luscious Minora and Majora Elle
  17. 'luscious large labia' now theres a amouthful!!! Chrissie
  18. GREAT LABIA SITE Supermario
  19. Thank you! Bebe
  20. My Sweet Susan gz
  22. flapper fan Raoul
  23. phenominal web site! labia guy
  24. Lovely Labia labialover
  25. tying up the lips lipluvr
  26. Empowering AND enjoyable! J.R.
  27. Thank you Jenni
  28. be naked and proud michael
  29. liberated flap lover Princess Pretty Petals

SEP 2005

  1. lips on a nudist beach michael
  2. my hot wife jake444
  4. labia/vulva used by female interrogators cygnian
  5. SO FEMININE antony
  6. PussyGalore Voluptuous
  7. contradicting itself? Lucy
  8. wonderful women ador
  9. Thanks! Brian
  10. My daughter has beautiful long lips Stormy
  11. Erotic labia justine5141
  12. girls - I love them! please show more Love them huge
  13. I have always loved lips. Michael
  14. I love sexy Jessica
  15. I love large vaginas sean
  16. tug on the run ct sniper
  17. This is great!! Happy
  18. Never before have I ever seen such high quality images..NO WHERE!  usasi
  19. Excellent site! Hardknock
  20. A Gentlemens place of Worship Augie

OCT 2005

  1. Thank you thank you thank you thank you Lauren
  2. The core of the universe Luca gimeno
  3. big clit naaqqii
  4. hugest labia minora 10 cm charlie
  5. once worried once worried
  6. treasuring the libia realafrican
  7. Are you sure its sexy? VivaLaLabia
  8. Abnormal Aliya
  9. loving the labia hippie dude
  10. Long Labia = hottest thing ever! Sean
  11. full as a rose in bloom juliette
  12. used to be shy till igave this site the eye vanessa
  13. Thank you Lisa
  14. Thank You Vicki
  15. Unsymmetrical loz
  16. New type of audience angelous
  17. Mine lips are Different! Elle
  18. Thank You! mkmoran
  19. I really want that Dickson
  20. So much for large labia DEADEARS
  21. imagine this! jimbo
  22. Large Labia Lips where are You ??? Rategbey57

NOV 2005

  1. Un-necessary Sadness Clamman
  2. A wonderful site. Gary
  3. Good Pussy Fred
  4. There is a Correlation... ILikeItPhat
  5. What is more beautiful than a pair of Pussy Lips Labia Lover
  6. THANKS!!! mrs bunny
  7. freckles and beauty marks on labia Labialover
  8. Question? laura
  9. Large labia are like great oral sex! Looking for more
  10. I feel even more sexy now...... lots of Lips
  11. to cut or not to cut jenna
  12. hi...i am that muslim girl scared
  13. Thank you! BrownEyes
  14. Fleshy Pink Lips Turn Me On! Bob
  15. I love big fannies! Jack
  16. Unsure of my sexiness Ursula
  17. i LOVE large lips me
  18. What really matters... Robert
  19. im 20 yrs old and i have large labia and i was ashamed.... whittER
  20. best site in the world. george
  21. accidential discovery woo
  22. Don't pretend to hate them cause your friends do! Derek T

DEC 2005

  1. Thank You  Ariel
  2. my love for a fat hanging juicy labia spiceboy
  3. Some people are just mean! Little Tigress
  4. Saved!! Alexi
  5. art work Keith
  6. Im SO HAPPY Lydia
  7. Out there again, literally Lori
  8. eh eh robin
  9. great lips andy
  10. would you like to know the difference??? J. Belgium
  11. labia lover james
  12. Kissing lips panorama
  13. i love sucking... lips lover
  14. Wow! what a website worth while Perfect for man and women. Labiamaniac
  15. I'm 17 with a large labia Confused
  16. Would love to correspond with sexy lady with meaty lips LabiaLover
  17. Bigger IS better Todd
  18. My girl is the best BB
  19. I love big long lips! z80cowboy
  20. In Your Laden Orchard Jack Barleycorn
  21. young and lost Nicole
  22. Large Labia Large Labia Worshiper
  23. Love of Labia dtaro
  24. Please - no labia jewelry! Pritchard
  25. Virgin or not virgin? Carmen
  26. Where is the hair? The Natural
  27. OMG!!! I'M NOT A FREAK!!! Peeper
  28. A true inspiration! Sara
  29. Itchless Shaving Roger03

Huh...what? You're in a great mood today?... feel like giving a helping hand to girls and women who are fighting for their sexuality?

What about ending one of the biggest human rights violations ever... Female Genital Mutilation!  Read my short article about it and you will see a link to an organization that fights this brutal practice. They can’t give victims their labia back, but through education they make sure that other girls will keep their vulvas. Every dollar you donate will make a difference!