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Exotic Designer Lingerie

So, you are a confident and sexy woman who knows she looks great when she's naked and you want to look equally stunning when you are in your underwear. Luckily, when it comes to strings and panties you can wear something that matches the hotness of your luscious shapes:

G-Strings by Lona Luna

Just recently I was looking around for some sexy panties for my girl Yelena and I hit upon the most stunning lingerie I had ever seen. It's a French designer brand called Lona Luna. I am fanatic about quality and beauty, and let me tell you... these are the ultimate g-strings!

If you want to spoil that special woman in your life... this is it!
These are high-quality strings, not your run-of-the-mill cheap panties.
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Exquisite... elegant... beautiful... daring... sexy... luxurious... and sensuous. Each piece is made from the finest quality materials and hand-finished with unique jewelled closures such as Swarovski crystals and semi-precious stones.  But let's not waste any time and go right to some examples!

Some of my favorite ones

Prices vary around $50.00 US

Bobmbay, g-string by Lola Luna


Lola Luna Bombay latticework g-string with gold floral motif. Translucent chocolate organza ribbon criss-crosses down the center front panel and along bottom creating a semi-open panel. Finished with antique gold jewel side enclosure
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Mir, Lola Luna g-string


Stunning black closed g-string with flesh-toned "fool-the-eye" sheer bottom against ice blue embroidery detail and side Swarovski crystal enclosures. Sexy and elegant!
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Bouq g-string by Lola Luna


Sheer Lolaluna g-string with bouquet adornment. Ultra French, ultra sexy mini-string! Sheer black with sexy textured floral accents, finished with elegant pearl enclosures.
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Grl open string

GRL Open

Framed open g-string with floral embroidery. Silvery, soft shades of blue, stunning center front embroidery accented with pale pink rose details. Center front Swarovski pink crystal jewel set in antique silver setting is the center piece of this unique three string, open bottom.
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Lucy Lou thong by Lola Luna

LUCY LOU Cream Thong

Made from cream lace with pretty pink embroidery detailing. Sweet and flirty sheer light peach coloured closed string. Finished with pink Swarovski crystal enclosures and lace trimmed back.
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PO red&black - Pearl Open g-string

PO Red/Black

Lace open g-string, stunning and provocative. Strings of red and black pearls and sequins hang seductively from the black crochet embroidered front.
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As a guy, I know what kind of tantalizing effect this stuff has on us. Instead of rushing to get your clothes off, we will want to take our time. We will adore you from top to bottom, place kisses and caresses all over your body, and slowly unwrap you like a precious gift!

There are many more styles than just these examples. You can see all of them at

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