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How To Shave Pubic Hair

On the previous page I talked a bit about the sexual and cultural aspects of pubic hair removal. Here I'll list some guidelines on how to get a close and smooth shave.

First decide on what parts of the area you want to shave. Do you only want to do the bikini line? Or you want to have bare lips but leave a nice patch on top? Or maybe you want to get a "Brazilian" (includes shaving between the butt cheeks) or even a "Smoothie" (completely bare everywhere).

A suggestion for first-timers: don't shave anything from the top patch (the mons) because that's the hardest part to get smooth and it itches the most when it grows back. You can go there in a week or two when your skin is acclimatized to the touch of the razor. Concentrate on the labia for now and on the area between the thighs.

Guidelines for a Smooth Shave,
How To Avoid Razor Burn and Prevent Ingrown Hair

  1. If your pubic hair is long, or if you haven't shaved since a few weeks, cut it very short with scissors or an electric clipper.
  2. Wash the area well. Take a warm bath or shower for five to ten minutes, or lay a wet cloth over the pubic area. This softens the hair.
  3. Body Bare shaverAlways apply some kind of shaving gel or cream. You want things to be slippery! You can also use ordinary hair conditioner instead. I've heard that it really helps if you're prone to razor burn.
    Whatever you do, never shave dry unless you're using a special tool like the Body Bare shaver.

  4. Gillette Venus Use a quality razor with a triple blade like the Gillette Venus or Gillette Mach3. These give a smoother and more comfortable shave than cheap disposable razors and you can reuse them several times as long as you don't do your legs with it also. In fact, it's better to use one razor for your pubes and a second one for your legs and armpits.

  5. The actual shaving technique is rather simple: straighten the skin with one hand and pass the razor over it with the other. Use short steady strokes. But go slowly, especially if you're new to this, and always use a light touch. If you need to use pressure it means the blade is dull.
  6. What direction to shave in? Well, for the smoothest result you should shave against the direction of the hair but for some this can provoke razor burn. People with very coarse or curly hair, or with very sensitive skin, are probably better-off to go with the grain. Same thing if you're a first-timer.
    TIP: If you do shave against the grain to get that extra-close shave, you should always finish with another stroke with the grain. This will "reset" the hair stubbles in the correct direction and greatly prevent razor burn! (This works also for men's facial hair.)
  7. Avoid passing the razor more than three times over the same spot.
  8. Rinse your razor often during the process to unclog the blades.
  9. When you're finished wash gently with an exfoliating glove or loofa to remove anything that can clog pores. This helps to prevent ingrown hairs.
  10. Rinse the area well and splash a bit of cold water on it to tone the skin and close the pores. Dry it with a clean towel.
  11. Apply some alcohol-free moisturizing lotion, preferably one with Aloe Vera and without perfumes.
  12. If you plan on using your razor again, clean it and don't leave it laying around in an unclean or wet area.
  13. Do not shave your pubic hair every single day. Take at least one day off per week to give your skin a break. If you're a first-timer shave every other day, or even less, until your skin is used to it.
  14. During your daily showering or bathing wash the area gently with an exfoliating glove or loofa to remove dead skin cells.

These steps should go a long way to help you achieve perfectly smooth genitals. However, some of you will still develop razor bumps or ingrown hairs, no matter how you shave. It has something to do with the angle of the hair follicle and the coarseness and curliness of the hair.

If after several weeks of shaving you continue to have skin irritations, maybe razors are not for you. You might want to try dry-shaving with the tool I mentioned in step 3 above, or go for waxing. A final and much more expensive option is laser hair removal.

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