The Labia Lips of Angelina Jolie

You probably recognize the pouty lips of the gorgeous actress Angelina Jolie at the bottom of the page. There is some speculation as to whether her pussy labia are as full and thick as those of her mouth. For now we'll just have to do with our imagination because in the few nude scenes she has played in, there is never a clear view of her vulva. Although there is no strong correlation between the size of a woman's mouth-lips and the size of her labia, could it be that Angelina's labia look like the ones below?

Are Angelina Jolie's pussy lips big like these?

But even if Angelina Jolie's pussy lips aren't that big, it is still very possible that she herself has put that protruding mouth of hers on such meaty labia. As an openly lesbian-bisexual woman she must have devoured PLENTY of big juicy pussies with her luscious mouth.


Girl with giant pussy lips


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