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The Joy of a Shaved Pussy

With or without hair, your pussy is something superbly erotic and therefore it shouldn't matter whether you shave or not. Having said that, I think every woman should try the "bald look" at least once. A hairless vulva reveals the sexy shapes and soft texture of the labia, the clitoral hood and the mons.

bald pussy

A freshly shaved bald pussy waiting for some attention.

And it's not just about the look, it's also about the "feel." Being smooth lets you experience more sensations during sex, since the skin on your pussy will be aware of the slightest licks, kisses and caresses. Everything gets super sensitive! It also gives your partner easier access to your pleasure spot and more reasons to spoil you with things like hot-oil vulva massages or endless oral sex (no hair in the mouth )

As a man, I can say this: Nothing compares to the tenderness of a freshly shaved pussy. The feeling of touching it with your fingers or your tongue and lips is beyond description. And the sensation of cupping your mouth around a big hairless pussy is simply out of this world!

Some Cultural Aspects of Pubic Hair Removal

Shaving your hair around your genitals is something very personal and if it is your first time doing it you will feel very naked. But remember that there is nothing strange or unnatural about it. In fact, women have been removing their pubic hair for the longest time, usually for hygienic reasons. The Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans were already doing it and so were countless others throughout the centuries that followed. In some cultures they did it for religious reasons. In Islam for example it has always been a requirement.

In western cultures it's mostly an issue of personal preference. Some people enjoy it, some don't. Still, a woman who shaves or trims her pubic hair is usually seen as more attractive and feminine. When the author Charles Panati did a survey for his book Sexy Origins and Intimate Things, he found that almost 70% of men found a shaved pubic area irresistible on a woman.

As I mentioned earlier hygiene is also factor. It is easier to keep your genital area clean when there is less hair. This doesn't mean that having a bush is unhygienic; it simply requires a little more work in the shower. So even if being bald doesn't automatically make you cleaner, it surely feels cleaner and fresher. I don't know a single girl who doesn't enjoy a fresh summer breeze under her skirt when she has no panties on. Now imagine how that must feel after you have just shaved your pussy!

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