Women With Large Labia Sexy Labia

The Irresistible Sex Appeal of
Women With Large Labia

"Do you think my large labia are sexy?" Yelena asked playfully.
Her question didn't immediately register with me. My mouth was too busy enjoying the feel of her swollen vulva, which was experiencing little post-orgasmic aftershocks.
"Hey you down there! You think my large pussy lips look sexy?"
This time I looked up at her and noticed her teasing eyes. When I tried to speak, my tongue felt too tired and numbed from hours of oral indulgence. But I must have been glowing with lust however, because she said:
"I know baby, I know you think they're sexy. Now continue please!"

Many are the times that I spend my evening lapping up delicious nectar from her honey pot. Although she is often the one to initiate these love sessions, that hasn't always been the case. When we met a few years ago she wouldn't let me even look at her large labia, never mind letting me go down on her.

At first I couldn't understand her embarrassment. I would ask her and she'd just say she wasn't comfortable with the looks of her pussy. Damn... it was the prettiest and sexiest kitty I had ever seen! How could she think that her labia weren't nice to look at? How could she not see that those were very sexy labia?

From Labia Shame to Labia Love

Only a few years ago, in the late nineties, many women felt still very uneasy about the appearance of their vulva. It was probably centuries of sexual oppression and what-not that led them to believe that the vulva has no purpose aside from being the entrance of the vagina. Worse, as a woman you were not supposed to look "down there," and if you did you should feel shame and disgust. Consequently, my girl Yelena and many others thought that the more a vulva was noticeable—like having large inner lips—the less it was desired by men.

But these days things are different. More and more women understand that their vulva is often part of what makes them attractive to their partner. Thanks to self-empowering books about female sexuality by people like Carol Queen, Betty Dodson, Annie Sprinkle and others, women finally understand that not only is it all right for themselves to look "down there," it is a must! They realize that this fleshy outward structure is so much more than just "the outside of the vagina." In effect, a vulva is almost like an organ itself.

Together with women's growing confidence and love for their vulva and labia comes also a greater interest in the subject by men. Sure, men have instinctually enjoyed labia minora all along, they just never thought that much of them. Whereas most guys used to be indifferent or ignorant about the appearance of the outer female genitals, they are now aware how they're attracted, mesmerized, even awestruck by the various shapes and sometimes large sizes of vulvas and labia minora. In other words, instead of just enjoying the labia, they now love them.

Best of all, it seems that this labia love is not just some temporary fad but rather a lasting awareness that a well-defined vulva with prominent labia minora contributes to a woman's femininity.

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