Letters for the Month of September 2006

  1. The true power Big Bill
  2. At Last! lfred
  3. i still long to make love to her lips lovealllips3
  4. How do you elongate your labia? Melissa
  5. Beautiful , luscious and a continuous turn-on Chazz
  6. thank you so much alex
  7. 1 Be proud Joel
  8. 1 Xtreme after excessive sex Sharon
  9. i have big labia and my man loves them ecstasy 83
  10. Cured without Surgery! Layla (27, UK)
  11. 1 How do you women do it?  bob
  12. wonderfull fanch
  13. nice2have one  paul
  14. BEST SITE labia larry
  15. yay! wow! yum! delight
  16. A married gal I once fucked Pissflap Lover
  17. you ladies make life worth living lovely beautiful pictures ty Neal
  18. I love large lips oralarry
  19. My girlfriend has really meaty, hanging lips. Oh my GOD! Carless
  20. big lips are the best! rossrobb
  21. 1 How to find lesbian lovers Michelle
  22. 2 Loving Luscious Labia Lips Long, Lubricated, Lickable Lip Lover
  23. 1 Collagen Injections to Puff Up Labia Majora Tony P.
  24. Genital Mutilation Tony P.
  25. Menopausal Dysfunction Tony P.
  26. 2 My wife has very prominent labia  Husband
  27. 1 Hangy Down Flaps WOW ! susan
  28. 1 How or Where do I find "large beautiful labia's" Hank
  29. Large and long labia are very sexy mosscocious
  30. 1 seventy-eight year old labia SexyKnickers
  31. I felt so insecure! Kitten
  32. totally appreciate the ladies davey
  33. 70s Images... a message to the site administrator.... Liberator
  34. I love my luscious lips and want them to be worshipped Emma
  35. 1 fear of being different CHRIS
  36. Thanks so much but look at this horid site!! Vicky
  37. Thank you so much! Steph
  38. Labia are beautiful Labia Love