Letters for the Month of November 2006

  1. What if she has one big labia and one small? lonelywanderer
  2. love those lips...looking for more Broadhead
  3. Thank God for Large Labia L.
  4. 2 My big labia Ana
  5. Big innerlabias Duomaster
  6. I lick my lips when i see............................... Paul
  7. Labia, large or small puzluva
  8. One large inner lip, One small inner lip Joanne
  9. Thank god you helped change my mind about getting labiaplasty!! Thankfull Girl
  10. I love your site Invictus
  11. 1 Scared Elly
  12. Wife of my dreams Luckyguy
  13. love large pussy lips john broda
  14. thanks mr pens
  15. 1 Im showing my man my pussy tonight! lola
  16. Magnificent collection! Mitchybabe
  17. HHUMMMMM.... ezride24
  18. How Can I Make Mines Dangle? Sweetened Chocolate
  19. Thanks for converting me! Steve
  20. large labias are a treat!! sak
  21. Big lip girls wanted for dateing  LipLover
  22. 4 MY PUSSY SIZE Maria Ahmed
  23. Big tits, big lips BJspecXX
  24. The taste and the aroma of a woman BJ (= blow job?)
  25. 1 Why do women clip their pubic plumages? BJ (=Blow Job?)
  26. Thanks for the memories... Grinzelda
  27. Wow.. Aieronos
  28. 1 So self consious Alice
  29. 1 Love the SIght of the Huge Labia Elle
  30. 7 I have big lips on my face, but small pussy lips false advertising
  31. Wonderful  Wow!
  32. 1 Couple of questions... Questioning
  33. big lips are such a turn on gordon
  34. Beautiful site Johnnysurfs
  35. satisfied wolfbaby
  36. Large Labia Large Lips
  37. Lip pics need to open up more... LiberalLippies
  38. ashamed Renae
  39. Where. G
  40. 1 Very Informative Cookie
  41. The Most Beautiful Photos Ryan
  42. whats the problem with people irond