Letters for the Month of July 2006

JULY 2006
  1. Lips Tastier Than Creme Brulee G-Spot Joe
  2. Male writer seeking experience fr.females on how to satisfy my wife.. Harry
  3. A Really Sexy Labia Vig2000
  4. I once thought I had an odd idea of what a vagina should look like! LRG-Labia Fanatic
  5. 13 Hurt until now critized
  6. the most beautiful thing i've ever seen, why are people embarrased jonothan graeme
  7. soy un enamorado.. termoduro
  8. 6 My wife's amazing fat pussy lips get's an erection. just anotherlesbianNman's body
  9. 1 Long Loose Lips Jungle Man
  10. 3 Completely Ashamed Scared
  11. love to show Jen
  12. meaty pussies are a true turn on loveroftightpants
  13. menopause 59 and fabulous
  14. Some meaningful thought about VAGINA Ty
  15. Gorgeous women Nick
  16. Times have changed... bobby
  17. lips are great justadude
  18. never knew they were nice confused
  19. Is there a site like this on the penis as well? Lily
  20. 1 i cant imagine boys like pussys Sina
  21. 1 Luscious labia hazyjohn
  22. Call off the surgery - turns out you aren't a freak! suzie
  23. lip size, breast size mac
  24. Labia "your gold mine" Trini
  25. large labia are beautiful  supporter
  26. What a great site! Vancouver Liplover
  27. curious sunshine
  28. I adore large lips / ich liebe grosse schamlippen! paul
  29. Men LOVE labia!!! Women have it all wrong (and so do the surgeons) TheCarWashGuy
  30. i need labia advice darkhorse82nc
  31. I love pouty lips prushman
  32. Longing For normal/Small labia Birdie
  33. Sucker!!!!!! Trini
  34. 1 small is ok too..let's not be size-ist!!!!! petitegirl
  35. How can I get my girlfriend to realise how much I love it? James
  36. 3 My Lips Are HUGE Tina
  37. 1 I'm very relieved that I found this site.  JuJ
  38. i love this site lip lover
  39. How to shave "Right" Bonez
  40. Hopelessly Addicted to Lips, Clits, and Cheeks Thrum
  41. What-a-Wonder Slurpee
  42. paula radcliffe (world class marathon runner) labia protrusion link bbq_chckn
  43. 1 Photos Bill
  44. best sex organ yet  labia lover larry, south africa
  45. Thin edge of the wedge method.... A.K.A. (Labia reduction) Liberator
  46. I feel ugly Lacey