Letters for the Month of January 2006

  1. A dating site for women with big lips and men who love them Need a Long Lip Lover
  2. I like to suck till you dry Clit Lover
  3. I would like to meet a woman with thick labias alain B
  4. you make me feel good! CC_slippers
  5. this is a most erotic and respectful website - congrats rick
  6. How Can I Get Mines There? kindle
  7. There's nothing finer than a fine vagina. J from Pa.
  8. Want to suck girl in blue shorts labia all night. I would give anythin DMS
  9. miss lil big lips sassy sara
  10. large labia relief kate
  11. Are you sure??????? Heather
  12. i'm in love with my big lips leilha
  13. What an uplifting set of pics Sharon
  14. Large Labia are Beautiful! Jupiter
  15. My boyfriend didnt like them... Mussop
  16. I dont feel like a woman lucy
  17. your website is wonderfull labialover
  18. It all started when I was a young lad. Goatie
  19. Lippage crzyrock
  20. want to reach out and touch that lip realname anthony
  21. My Fiancee's Pussy free252x
  22. Women Love Sex = Big Labia Jemma
  23. orally obsessed frenchy
  24. lovely in bloom mike
  25. Older lips Ricky
  26. *I am so happy now i can have fun and not worry* **elizabeth**
  27. sexylabia should always show up first.  tee
  28. thank you! denise
  29. thankyouthankyouthankyou laura love
  30. Now I believe my boyfriend when he says I have a sexy pussy self conscious female
  31. labia stretching Iluv2eatpussy
  32. Message to the "meat curtain" woman Iluv2eatpussy
  33. You website is my heaven Iluv2eatpussy
  34. NO NO NO NO! NO surgery on your pussy please please please... Iluv2eatpussy
  35. wow Iluv2eatpussy
  36. I'm confused. Ana
  37. Inspiration-you lucky, LUCKY women! Angella
  38. Labia Insecurity Witsend
  40. Large Labia Lips Duke
  41. A true mans opinion John
  42. Not so shy anymore!! Hope M.
  43. True Story LOLipop
  44. Taking the shame out of labia appreciation Labialover
  45. Doctors advice Denise
  46. Hallelujah! Mark M