Letters for the Month of December 2006

  1. what a wriggle sultan
  2. My wifes labia Bob Andrew
  3. women with massive lips really yank my crank lablover383479238472
  4. All different shapes and sizes... FormerPornStar
  5. 1 Humiliated! Why? Rita
  6. My husband even thinks it's weird! Femke
  7. large labia lips john
  8. meaty hairy pussy TOMMY
  9. I love to suck those sexy Labias Chahova
  10. my husdand has double the size of my labia neeta
  11. In response to "Big Bones" alias
  12. I can't believe it took me this long big lips
  13. no shame! goddess
  14. Thank You...so much! Lala
  15. how do u make one labia lover
  16. 1 Guy looking for long big beautiful labia? labia lover
  17. Beautiful & Amazing Michael Khateli
  18. thanks 4 info on this site chris
  19. lips like sugar... sparticusrex
  20. Hairy Pussy Herb
  21. Hairy Pussies Herb 2
  22. Well endowed women, love yourselves! publius
  23. hey thanx ...ooooo...lol female
  24. small labia minora wanting a bigger labia minora Ray
  25. Embarrassed!!!! suemary
  26. thia website makes me proud of my long labia pinkpussy
  27. MAN..... I LOVE THIS SITE, LADIES READ THIS!!!! Steve Young
  28. lips not required jon alto
  29. long labia fetish Bowie
  30. Thanks for the pictures.  Travis
  31. Passion Flower  KT
  32. WoW I thought I was the only one-So why do they always looked shocked  EarthlyParadise
  33. 3 my very large clit shirley baxter
  34. A Large Labia That A Man Enjoys Kassey
  35. Am I to blame? Worried
  36. How to meet a woman with a beautiful vagina? newexper
  37. No showiness equals no boner Ray liplover
  38. 1 Boyfriend & I are HUGE labia fans Long Flaps
  39. 2 I don't think this website is accurate Jenna
  40. lapping my labia large_azn_labia
  41. Dirty Old Men ROCK!!! Mindy T.
  42. Love me for my body, not just my mind!! Dani
  43. Thanks Uncle Tony
  44. My Girlfriends Hang-ups!! blackpoolRed
  45. A few meandering thoughts... blackpoolred